FINDING FOREVER · Owners On Their John Page Classic Guitars

“I fell in love with the JPC Ashburn as soon as I laid eyes on it. Knew it was the one as soon as I picked it up and struck the first chord; it rang true with perfect intonation and just sang with sustain. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is unmistakeable. Love the design of the neck joint, as well as the inverted bridge pickup. I always love S-style guitars, but could never get passed the harsh, abrasive characteristic. The reversed bridge tightens & focuses the low-end and decreases the ice-picky highs, the way it should be. Love the headstock shape & logo. Love these guitars so much I had to get two of them.”

Tye Slagle, Tulsa, OK, Ashburn SSS

“Every now and then you pick up a guitar that’s just right in your hands. From the first moment I played this guitar I knew that I had to have it!”

Brandon Montgomerey, Owner, Bludotone Amp Works, Littleton, CO, Ashburn SSS

“I just love my John Page Ashburn. I have been gigging with Saddle Up & Soul Searchers bands for the last 3 months and it has taken over as my number 1. It sounds amazing through my Morgan amp. Now it might be time to replace the Tele with an AJ. Howard has the best customer service and set up as well.”

Gary Hill, Pittsburgh, PA, Ashburn SSS

“This one is never going to leave me. I've been drawn to strats for a long time, but haven't found one that really spoke to me. While this one is visually modest in some ways, it's also an absolute stunner when it comes to the details! The attention to detail is flawless, with perfect frets, clean work on the inlays, etc. It also has the feel of a guitar that really had attention paid to it on the way out the door. Most importantly, this guitar sounds and plays like a dream. While I have several one-off custom builds that I adore, there's something about sitting down with this one that feels, in some ways, even more like coming home than playing an instrument of my own specs.”

Austin, Northampton MA, Ashburn SSS

“I received my AJ Special this summer and started gigging and recording with it right away…loved the weight, the feel of the neck and especially the sound!! The neck P90 is super throaty and the bridge pickup is the best sounding Strat, Tele style bridge pickup I have ever heard!! It’s sweet bright… not nasty bright, bright but with ballsy mids and very musical overtones, it has a transparent quality, like I hear thru the note, really nice…the guitar inspires me to play better. Oh and did I mention it’s gorgeous!! Good quality craftsmanship and it didn’t cost and arm and a leg so I don’t fear bringing it to gigs.”

Marc Parent, AJ Special

“I have long waited for something that feels so familiar in my hands. From the very first time I played the John Page Classic guitar in a local music store, I instantly felt a very special connection with the instrument which doesn’t come by very often. Despite the fact that I have never had played a John Page guitar before in my life, this guitar felt so right from the very first moment, as though I have been playing it since I started, and that goes back to almost 30 years of playing. I acquired the guitar straight away without any hesitation and without even knowing much of the brand and of the maestro luthier John himself. In less than a month I had an important gig at the International Jazz Festival in Singapore, playing my own original music as an opening act for legendary Al McKay - Earth Wind and Fire Experience. Despite the pressure, I confidently took this guitar on stage as my main axe and did the entire show with it! And I have since taken it to all my shows.”

Ernesto Enriquez, Singapore, Ashburn SSS

“I love my AJ because it “fits.” The contours have it molding naturally to my body, the neck thickness and finish are perfect, and as a bonus it sounds great! As a former Quality Assurance Director (now retired), I really appreciate the build quality and attention to detail that have gone into this instrument. In my opinion, it easily matches up with instruments that cost $1000 more.”

Ed Koval, Cary NC, AJ

“Wow. Just a spectacular instrument. I could not be more pleased. Look, feel, sound are all exactly what I was hoping for. Also amazingly well packed and the case and all case candy is top notch. Very premium in every aspect. I definitely made the right decision. Thanks for the amazing communication and personal service.”

Rob Flora, Jacksonville FL, Ashburn SSS

“After many years of searching, the AJ and Ashburn are definitely the ones that have ended my quest for playability, tone and fit and finish. I'm the kind of player who has owned, but has never been satisfied with the traditional offerings. The neck on the AJ is heavenly and the controls work so much better for me than a regular Tele. The other big pluses are easy top fret access and pickups that sound great clean and with gain. Thanks John Page, I've finally stopped my search for a 'Tele and Strat' I could live with. Fine guitars. I'm very happy.”

Ian, Ashburn SSS and AJ

“With complex and sweet tone this guitar is at home for jazz and rock. This is my #1 choice for recording. Playability, excellent setup and smart twists on a classic design makes for an inspiring guitar for those who want more than the copy of an icon.”

Philippe Guivarch, AJ

“Just bought a John Page Classic Ashburn from Coda Music in Stevenage U.K. Had to let you know how much I love this guitar. The guitar is an absolute joy to play and beats hands down the Fender Baja Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Standard I also own. I did a fair amount of research before trying the Ashburn and it certainly hasn't disappointed. Thanks for producing such a wonderful instrument which makes me want to play better (even at 62)”.

Bill Foley, Ashburn SSS


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