Featuring Bloodline®
by John Page JP-3 Pickups

A breakthrough T-Style award winner now available in stunning new-for-2023 colors and finishes. Now made exclusively in the USA for both greater supply chain reliability and to fulfill our desire for JPC instruments to be built here. Embodies John Page’s “uniquely familiar” design ethos. Carefully crafted to his exacting specifications and rigorously checked by JPC-certified technicians before shipment to you. Featuring Bloodline® by John Page pickups. Backed by an industry-first Lifetime Performance Guarantee®. Free shipping* in the continental USA.

John Page on his JPC AJ (T-style) …
“This guitar is an evolution of the first guitar I designed when I started my custom shop in 2006, so I named it the AJ, after my firstborn son, Adam John. The AJ has a 13” bout, single-cutaway Alder body with stylized front and back contours and a lower horn and neck heel for easy access to the upper frets. The medium C neck is extremely comfortable and has enough mass to become a key component in the tone production, especially when coupled to the body with my over-sized machine screws and threaded inserts. The bass-justified fret dots improve visibility and aesthetic value, and reduce the need for string trees.

The Bloodline® JP-3P (P-90) pickup in the neck position is wound to give it much more clarity than is normally associated with that style of pickup. Partnered with the JP-3T, a classic T-style bridge pickup, the two blend to give you a great, full classic tone, but with lots of clarity.

The vintage T-style bridge plate has reverse angled pickup mounting to add more depth to the high strings and alleviate the ice pick highs usually associated with T-styles. The vintage style 3 brass saddles are step-compensated for more accurate intonation, and the controls, including a master volume, master tone, and a 3-position toggle switch, are all rear loaded for a clean, classic look.”

All AJ bodies are Alder except the Aqua Burst, which is Ash.


Demo features a made in Japan AJ. All JPC guitars are now made in USA.