“There's nothing like a classic.”

John Page is the visionary guitar designer and master builder who co-founded and launched the Fender Custom Shop in 1987. John led the shop, lovingly known as “The Dream Factory,” for the next twelve years and is directly responsible for a range of seminal guitars that epitomize classic design and tone. After leaving Fender, John launched his own custom guitar shop, taking limited orders and advancing the classic Fender legacy with a degree of nuance, precision, and refinement that hadn’t been possible under the umbrella of such a large operation. John Page is first and foremost an artist, and while his artistry was instantly in high demand, John was only able to serve a very limited clientele. How then to get his masterful guitars into the hands of the musicians and artists who need them the most?

Enter John Page Classic (JPC), a venture that would produce the very best of John’s classic designs at scale to make them accessible to a wider array of musicians while retaining masterful quality standards of a John Page Custom guitar. JPC launched in 2015, machine-building John’s designs in Japan. The S-style Ashburn model was promptly named to the Guitar Player Magazine Hall Of Fame. This was followed by the T-style AJ model, winner of Guitar World’s Platinum Award, and later by John’s own Bloodline® pickups.

In 2021, JPC moved guitar production from Japan to the USA and began building its guitars by hand. Every single JPC “Made In The USA” model is carefully hand-crafted to John’s exacting design specifications by our master builders and rigorously checked by JPC-certified technicians before shipment to you. All JPC guitars are backed by our industry-first Lifetime Performance Guarantee™.

A great tool is meant to be used, a great guitar meant to be played. A John Page Classic is a hand-built guitar with over 50 years of legacy and expertise built right in. There’s nothing like a classic.