John Page, Legendary Custom Luthier

John Page Classic Ashburn

Howard Swimmer, Founder & CEO


Howard Swimmer, a leading musical instruments (MI) executive and John Page, one of the greatest custom luthiers in the world, join forces in pursuit of their shared passion: to be your “Forever Guitar” – that special guitar you turn to again and again and that you live with, grow with and love for the rest of your life.

Launched in Spring, 2015, John Page Classic quickly emerged as a leading custom guitar brand distinguished by its passionately loyal owners and highly committed artists. Its original Ashburn (S-style) model was named to the Guitar Player Magazine Hall of Fame – one of only four guitar models selected and the only new guitar brand. The Ashburn HH followed, and its beefier humbucking tone made it popular with players who want a powerful but articulate humbucking guitar.

More recently, the John Page Classic AJ (T-style) model was introduced. The AJ quickly became one of the most awarded guitar models in the industry. All John Page Classic guitar models are powered by Bloodline® by John Page Pickups, designed to perfectly capture the sonic perspective and character of John Page. And all John Page Classic guitars are backed by a Lifetime Performance Guarantee™ – the industry’s first.

The result: a large number of owners who make John Page Classic their “forever guitar” and who share their satisfaction with fellow artists. In the words of founder Howard Swimmer, “I hope you come to love your John Page Classic guitar as much as John Page Classic owners do, and that it becomes your ‘Forever Guitar.’”