Bloodline® by John Page JP-3 Pickups

Why Bloodline® by John Page
Because they’re pickups from the elite luthier’s perspective. It’s a new, more holistic approach to pickup design. The Bloodline® by John Page series launches the Bloodline® brand. Additional elite luthiers will be invited to contribute their pickup designs, each embodied in a “Bloodline® by…” series that bears their name.
Designer's Vision
John Page

“The JP-3P has a really nice, full bottom end, with punchy mids and a clean top end. It has a bit more clarity than is normally associated with a P-90, and no mud! It’s a nice thick sounding single coil. The JP-3T pays homage to a classic T-style bridge pickup. It’s clean and snappy, but roll the tone off a bit and turn up the volume and it’ll give you all the punch and growl you need.” John Page

Description & Specs

The JP-3P P-90 neck pickup is wound for more clarity than normally associated with a P-90. Partnered with the JP-3T, a classic T-style bridge pickup, the two blend to produce a great, full classic tone but with greater clarity.

JP-3P P90:
Alnico 5 Magnets
7.2 ohm resistance
Adjustable pole pieces

JP-3T Tele®
Alnico 5 Magnets
8.3 ohm resistance
Flat pole pieces