Bloodline® by John Page JP-1

"It’s time to start feeling your guitars as well as hearing them. Welcome to the Bloodline® family. I’m proud to be the patriarch!” John Page

John Page On His Bloodline® JP-1 Pickups
John Page describes the sonic perspective embodied in his Bloodline® JP-1 Pickups. Includes demo footage featuring Paul Riario of Guitar World magazine.
Why Bloodline® by John Page
Because they’re pickups from the elite luthier’s perspective. It’s a new, more holistic approach to pickup design. The Bloodline® by John Page series launches the Bloodline® brand. Additional elite luthiers will be invited to contribute their pickup designs, each embodied in a “Bloodline® by…” series that bears their name.
The Designer's Vision
John Page

“I’ve worked really hard to design my guitars to create a specific acoustic tonal character, so it’s important for me to find pickups that duplicate that appropriately. In all of the pickups I use on my guitars, I’m listening for that special character. The one that captures the acoustic tone I design into my instruments… a full chesty mid, a healthy bottom, and a sparkly top end… with no ice pick highs! I want a full, stringy, almost harp-like tone. A pickup that sounds like you think it’s “supposed to sound like”, but with a JP twist! My Bloodline® JP-1 pickups have that character. They cut the BS and let you get down to your creative core.” John Page

Description & Specs
Bloodline® JP-1 pickups bring the sonic perspective and character of John Page, among the world’s greatest living custom luthiers, to your guitar. They have a classic early 60’s S-style tone - stringy with great clarity, full and meaty but not overly hot. In John’s words, “It’s time to start feeling your guitar as well as hearing it – and my Bloodline® JP-1 pickups can help.”

Alnico #5
Flat Pole Design
#42 gauge wire
Polyurethane insulation

8,500 turns
6.38 K Resistance

Reverse wound
8,500 turns
6.38 K Resistance

9,700 turns
7.38 K Resistance